I use a visual vocabulary to speak about that which is unseeable.

My work is composed of layers of different planes - sometimes physical, sometimes visual. The result is a visual push & pull; a fading-in & fading-out of the tangible with the intangible; a morphing and mixing of one space with another.

I have a modest collection of vintage storybooks, instruction manuals, four-leaf-clovers, and photographs (especially double-exposures). Imagery from my collection - as well as parts of these objects themselves - often find their way into my creations. In my practice thus far I have experimented with ink on glass, collage, Polish/Ukrainian paper cutting, and various drawing media on wood. 

Themes: absence vs. presence, common ground, community, death, family history/generations, hope, immigration, resurrection, transformation


At age 6, Pam began studying art at Artistically Speaking Art Gallery & School of Fine Art in Edmonton, Alberta, where she learned and practiced traditional techniques in drawing, painting, and clay sculpture, until the age of 18. Pam's goal as a young artist was to reproduce a realistic image, and she honed her skills by copying photographs of her favorite teen movie stars and pop music idols, Disney characters, and models from lifestyle magazines.

In 2005, Pam obtained a Fine Art Diploma from Grant MacEwan University. During her studies at MacEwan University, Pam was exposed to a wide range of contemporary artists and artmaking practices, which inspired her to begin exploring visual art's communicative power and potential beyond reproducing a convincing image.

She was compelled to learn more about the art that came before her - who made what, and why? What affect did it have? - before moving forward in her own artmaking practice. Enrolling in an art history program seemed like a logical next-step. In 2008, Pam graduated from the University of Alberta with a Bachelor of Arts Degree with distinction, majoring in the History of Art, Design, and Visual Culture, and minoring in Christian Theology.

Pam loves, lives, and works in Alberta, Canada.


CV available upon request.